Politicians – Bah!! Humbug!!

After watching the politicians over the past several weeks, I begin to wonder if I need to go to the doctor and have my blood pressure checked.  Let’s just run down the list:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stating for the record that the war in Iraq is lost.  Thanks loads for supporting stabbing the troops in Iraq in the back just because you want to make political power plays.

Speaker of the House Nancy Peloci running off to Syria & donning a headscarf while making like an Ambassador.  Shameful actions from a shameless politician.

Congress passing and the President vetoing a funding bill for the troops.  Never mind that there were approximately $20 Billion in pork attached to the bill.  Now that the point(?) has been made, Congressional leaders now state that they want to play nice and support the troops…

Immigration is becoming a hot topic again.  Several candidates have stated their support for illegal immigrants.  Excuse me, but do they know what the word “illegal” actually means, or have they taken one too many payoffs selling their souls to the highest bidder?

Both the Democrat and Republican candidates for President have had their first debates.  While I did not see them, I’ve heard lot of comments from both sides of the political spectrum.  The general consensus is that there was no new information revealed, and that the debates were boring.  We need another Ronald Reagan, not anemic know-nothing wanna-be’s.

Finally, the assertion that the Democrats were voted into power just to bring the troops home from Iraq.  No, the Democrats were voted into power because the Republicans didn’t seem to be effective in winning the war in Iraq.  Considering that the Republicans do not fight back or refute the majority of charges the Democrats make against them or President Bush only emboldens their behavior.

What is the bottom line on all of this?  The enemies of the country sees this BS as weakness.  All they have to do is wait us out, and we’ll run away.  The rest of the world also sees weakness, and perceives this country as someone that cannot be trusted to keep promises or support them.  After all, if this country cannot stand up to a terrorist organization that has killed people on our soil and cannot finish the job in Iraq, then what respect will this country be left with?  We might as well as hand the keys to the country off to the terrorists…

I have grave concerns over the future of this country, especially with the current crop of politicians in Congress and the ones running for President.  Both Parties are out of touch with mainstream America, and listen only to the screaming extremists (both left and right).  Power politics result, and nothing gets done except compromising this country’s future.

And we only thought that we had to worry about the Goracle’s ranting about global warming… 


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One Response to Politicians – Bah!! Humbug!!

  1. Tom says:

    Well said. Terrorists killed 3000 Americans on our own soil and America has grown so soft and weak that we don’t have the courage to fight back until victory is achieved.
    It’s sad.
    Steve Dennis | Homepage | 05.04.07 – 9:56 pm | #

    A nation of Iron and clay, and the clay is determined to lead.
    Shoprat | Homepage | 05.05.07 – 10:01 am | #

    Hmm…I actually feel the GOP candidates aren’t as bad as I initially feared. Still, no Reagan-esque superstar; but, then is it really helpful to romanticize and dream of a leader who can fill such big boots, as Reagan left behind?

    And we only thought that we had to worry about the Goracle’s ranting about global warming…

    Just think if he had been elected in 2000, where we would be then. I shudder to even imagine that scenario playing out.
    wordsmith | Homepage | 05.06.07 – 1:15 am | #

    More of the drumbeat of defeat, from the media of course.
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 05.06.07 – 10:32 am | #

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