What’s Next?

Global Warming?  You must be kidding?  We were greeted with 2″ of snow this morning after having record highs this past week.  More snow to come with the temperatures to match.  Hey Al, you sick twisted moron!  That’s snow out there, not a heat wave melting the tires off of my truck!!

Next on the list is that Kirk Kerkorian is bidding on Chrysler.  A surprise to say the least.  What’s even more interesting is that he would give the Unions, employees, and the management the chance to own part of the company.  Good move on his part – if you own part of the company you work for, you tend to have that personal stake & pride in what you do.  No word on if the Board is seriously considering this offer (which is better for the employees than an investment firm buying the company).  But we will still have to wait on pins and needles for the outcome of this version of “Deal or No Deal.”

But is there any justice either?  Ford is paying their CEO $28 Million for four months of work.  Considering that the company lost 12.7 billion in 2006 and workers are getting less than a $1000 bonus, I think this is a little bit excessive.  Of course, tell that to all of the employees let go from the company who got the shaft instead. 

On a happier note, the British sailors are home.  What the aftershocks will be after this latest incident with the Iranians is anyone’s guess.

Finally, the Masters are being played in Augusta this weekend.  I plan on watching the final round (too much other stuff to watch everything).

British Sailors Freed!!

I am personally glad that the British sailors have been freed by the Iranians.  Even more so that no shots were fired and (hopefully) no one got hurt.

The whole purpose of this incident was for Iran to send a message to the world – We’ll do as we please, no matter what the UN says.  After that point was made and they got all the propaganda they could out of it, the sailors were freed.

What will be interesting is when the next deadline for the Iranians to comply with ceasing nuclear development comes and goes.  What will the Iranians do next?

Britain’s Hostage Crisis

Great Britain is in trouble. Fifteen of it’s military people are being held hostage by the Iranians, and there is no answer as to when they would be released. Worse is that several of the sailors & marines have issued statements condemning their own government. Worst is an Associate Press poll which states that the English people do not favor military action to get their people back even if negotiations fail.

It really doesn’t matter if you believe the British or Iranian accounts for the reason the sailors were taken. The facts are is that they were taken from under British guns without a shot, presumably in Iraqi waters, and did so with the expressed knowledge of the British government as the commander of the warship repeatedly asked for permission to fire in defense of the men and women under his command, and was denied. In my mind, that would depress the morale of the British armed forces, and I certainly hope that a similar situation would not occur if any aggressor tried to board and/or take American military personnel.

What is important is that Iran is showing the world that they will abide by no one’s rules but their own. Calls for the cessation of Iran’s nuclear program by the Useless Nations were met with defiance. Iran will continue down this path no matter what the UN does with it’s sanctions (of which Iran would tell them what to do with them).

Europe is now getting a taste of what they have been defending. The EU has Iran as one of its biggest trading partners, and Iran is thumbing its nose at the EU. Of course, the EU is expressing shock and outrage at Iran’s actions, but do you think that there would be anything that they would do to come to Britain’s aid? HAH!! Don’t hold your breath!!

The fact is that Europe has been inundated with Muslim immigrants, and they are demanding that the various governments of the EU accommodate them! With the flap over the Mohammad cartoons and the riots in France, the nations of the EU is on perilous grounds. They do not need a uprising to screw up their domestic and economic tranquility, so now they will look to the UN to solve the problem.

And who will the UN look to? After they get done with issuing resolutions and sanctions, they would look to the US to help enforce them. To which I would say “go away.” Their actions as a group of nations during the 10 years between the Gulf Wars is atrocious and abysmal, and they definitely have not supported the US in our enforcement of their resolutions.

While I realize that Great Britain is one of our best allies in the world, they also have to stand up for themselves. Allowing a third-rate nation take its soldiers when there was the opportunity to defend them was idiocy at its worst. Should the US support them if they ask for it – yes, but the US should not be leading the charge.

The EU needs to figure out what to do for themselves with this problem with Iran and other countries like it. In the case of Iran, should they develop a nuclear weapon capable of fitting on top of a missile, and drop it somewhere in Europe because someone published another Mohammad cartoon…

And by the way, kissing a** and making nice won’t do it. It was tried around 70 years ago, and it didn’t work.

Today’s Headlines From Around the World

Bin Laden Surrenders to Afghan Authorities.

Iran Releases British Sailors – “It was all a big misunderstanding.”

North Korea Opens Nuke Facilities for Inspectors

All Corrupt Politicians Resign – Congress Emptied – Elections to be Held in November

Al Qaeda Follows bin Laden’s Example & Surrenders in Iraq

The Iraqi Government Resolves All Quarrels With Sectarian Leaders – A United Iraq At Last!

Iran Announces Nuke Program Halted, Ahmadinejad Resigns, Elections to be Held, and Holocaust Did Occur

Hillary Announces Withdrawal from Presidential Race

US Troop Funding Crisis Resolved

Islamic Radical Imams Call for Halt on Suicide Bombers – “Does not lead to Paradise”

Hamas & Hezbollah Disband

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality…