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Not really having the time to blog now that the weather has warmed up and yard work has commenced, let’s instead take a look at some of the headlines from this increasingly strange world of ours…

Virginia Governor May Close Loophole

Virginia’s governor said Tuesday he may be able to close the loophole that allowed a mentally ill Virginia Tech student to acquire the guns he used to kill 32 classmates and faculty last week.

While I think that this needs to be done for the public safety, I also think that this is going to meet some opposition. Why, you ask? Just think of the outcry if mental health records are now going to be part of a public record. Instead of a safety issue, it will become a privacy issue.

Iran Arrests 300 ‘Insufficiently Veiled’ Women

Break out the burkas!! Iran is now cracking down on women (and men) that the mullahs consider to be under-dressed (or perhaps, out of uniform). Police are enforcing the regulations. It’s amazing to me that the National Organization of Women have not commented on these types of actions against and/or repressions of women’s rights (at least to my knowledge).

Al-Qaida Group Claims Killing of 9 GIs in Iraq

Anyone who thinks that Al-Qaida is gone should realize that they are merely biding their time to strike again.

The Case for a Global Carbon Tax

The (Bush) administration had several narrow-minded and callous reasons for rejecting Kyoto, but among its main arguments was that the accords did not include developing countries and thus were ineffective. To understand why that is correct, consider one simple statistic. During the Kyoto time frame (that is, by 2012), China and India will build almost 800 new coal-fired power plants. The combined CO2 emissions from those plants will be five times the total reductions in CO2 mandated by the accords.

Finally, someone has pointed out that one of the reasons that the Kyoto Accords was rejected was because of China and India. While cutting down CO2 emissions would be a good thing for everyone (not just because of “Global Warming”), the author correctly points out that these CO2 emissions come from coal, which by itself has a whole host of environmental problems. What the author gets wrong is that the US is supposed to get China and India to not build coal-fired power plants. And that will be difficult because China and India are trying to build their economies the fastest (and cheapest) way possible. The author’s idea is to implement a global carbon tax to reign in these countries. I wonder if Al is listening…

Kim Basinger Hires Security for Daughter

After hearing the daughter’s father (none other than Alec Baldwin) rant on a voice mail, who can blame her? Oh yeah, Rosie defended Alec’s rant – go figure? One angry person defending another… And speaking about Rosie…

Rosie Leaving the View

To which I ask – What took so long?

I’ll be working on a long post, so it might be a week or two before the next post. This one is a continuation of Energy Independence, which was posted over a year ago. It’s a subject worth revisiting considering the events and topics of the past year (Global Warming, the Middle East, Environmentalism, Energy, and so on).


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  1. Tom says:

    RE Iran and Burkas, at least the Mao pajamas that Mr Mao made everyone wear were comfortable. The stuff those poor women are required to wear is just torture.
    Shoprat | Homepage | 04.25.07 – 7:49 pm | #

    Tom, the womens groups in this country are liberals, and as we know, liberals don’t care about anyone other than themselves. They pretend to, but it is a lie. If they did care, the so-called “women’s rights” groups would be up in arms about the way Muslims treat their women. All they seem to care about anymore is their right to murder unborn children, or to be lesbians, or to attack the male gender. They are extremely selfish and immoral people.
    Gayle | Homepage | 04.26.07 – 4:05 pm | #

    “Affordable Hijabs in the USA” ads by google.

    So are you encouraging women to cover up?
    Tim | Homepage | 04.28.07 – 2:19 pm | #

    Shoprat – PJ’s I can deal with – wearing tents is something I can’t.

    Gayle – I remember a debate between two women, one conservative, and one from NOW. The arguments that the woman from NOW put forth were silly and stupid.

    Tim – I don’t ave ads on my site unless Haloscan puts them on the comment page – I have no control over that.
    Tom | Homepage | 04.28.07 – 7:18 pm | #

    Yes it’s bare ass weather and I am happy to report I got my little nothings on and working outdoors too! 😀
    dcat still @it | Homepage | 04.29.07 – 6:59 pm | #

    Dcat – I don’t think I needed that mental picture…
    Tom | Homepage | 05.02.07 – 5:03 pm | #

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