School Shootings

At this point in time, there are 33 people dead (gunman included) at Virginia Tech University.  No other details as to why the gunman did it or who he is.

Our prayers go out to the victim’s families, and the people who witnessed this tragedy. 


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One Response to School Shootings

  1. Tom says:

    hasving trouble with making comments and reading blogs today. Let’s pray that there are no repeats to this tragedy.
    Pirate | Homepage | 04.16.07 – 10:41 pm | #

    I also had a hard time getting going, as this is all so senseless.

    Then I started writing and haven’t stopped.

    All I could do earlier was hum the song by the Boomtown Rats, I Don’t Like Mondays.

    And he can see no reasons
    ‘Cause there are no reasons
    What reason do you need to die?
    avoiceofreason | Homepage | 04.17.07 – 12:54 am | #

    Pirate – I know the feeling and the sentiment.

    Voice – Senselessness doesn’t begin to cover this tragic event.
    Tom | Homepage | 04.17.07 – 7:11 pm | #

    Here it is Wednesday already. I also had a hard time getting started when this happened, then I started blogging about it and kept doing updates.

    We now know who the killer is, we also know that a lot about him, but none of that will bring those poor kids back. Lets keep the families and their loved ones of these unfortunate kids in our prayers, and also pray that now colleges will do more in the area of security for their students.
    Gayle | Homepage | 04.18.07 – 4:00 pm | #

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