British Sailors Freed!!

I am personally glad that the British sailors have been freed by the Iranians.  Even more so that no shots were fired and (hopefully) no one got hurt.

The whole purpose of this incident was for Iran to send a message to the world – We’ll do as we please, no matter what the UN says.  After that point was made and they got all the propaganda they could out of it, the sailors were freed.

What will be interesting is when the next deadline for the Iranians to comply with ceasing nuclear development comes and goes.  What will the Iranians do next?


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One Response to British Sailors Freed!!

  1. Tom says:

    Or maybe even more interesting, what will the Iranians do the first time someone shoots at them for trying this type of stunt again?
    Rich | 04.04.07 – 1:26 pm | #

    Iran is a time bomb waiting to blow up. This is going to turn very ugly.
    Jay | Homepage | 04.04.07 – 2:25 pm | #

    Rich – I think the word is now out. If the Iranians try & pull another stunt like this, they will most likely resemble Swiss cheese.

    Jay – Couldn’t agree with you more. The questions are when and how bad.
    Tom | Homepage | 04.04.07 – 7:43 pm | #

    I was hoping we were going to trade Rosie O’Donell for them.

    Thank God they are home.
    Pirate | Homepage | 04.05.07 – 11:54 am | #

    Pirate – Glad to see you back! And LOL! The British probably threatened to trade her for the sailors, and the Iranians caved!
    Tom | Homepage | 04.05.07 – 8:04 pm | #

    I think you’re right, Iran wanted to send a message to the world and they did. That message was the will of America and the UK is weak and can be exploited.
    This is a happy ending for the British soldiers and their families, but it is an indictment on the west and their will to see this fight through.
    Steve Dennis | Homepage | 04.05.07 – 9:30 pm | #

    I agree with Steve Dennis, Tom.

    I think that Iran got a LOT of mileage out of this and the west got a black eye. Persians won this round.

    Glad they’re back safe, though. Hopefully any soldier from any country anywhere will fight the next time the enemy attempts to abduct them.

    I think that Britain came out looking worse than the US though. Just a couple of weeks ago the Iranians attempted to abduct US troops and everyone ended up dead. That may be why they decided to go after the Brits.
    Monica-Philadelphia | Homepage | 04.06.07 – 7:52 pm | #

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