Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

For those of you who watched Heartbreak Ridge, you would recognize the title of this post.  For those of you who don’t, this is the mantra of the Marine Corps Recon Unit as stated by the character Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway (played by Clint Eastwood).  And in some respects, it is the unofficial mantra used by all of our military forces.

If any of you remember the earlier days of the current Iraq conflict, it was reported by our media that the Marine and Army forces were welding sheet metal on the Humvees because they were unarmored and offered no protection from small arms fire and shrapnel from roadside mines.  And that’s a perfect example of our soldiers improvising with local materials to adapt to a situation, and overcome potential casualties.  Now, thank God, there is better protection for our troops as armor and vests became available.

But if Screamer of the House Pelosi and Moron Murtha have their way, those days could return.  Their “Slow-Bleed” political strategy of slowly withdrawing funding & support of our troops by limiting the President’s options in conducting the war would have just that effect.  Who would actually suffer would be our troops, who would do the bleeding, and not necessarily in a slow, controlled fashion.

Those of you that have read my various comments on other blogs as well as on this one know that I’m not particularly thrilled that our troops are in Iraq, but we are there.  Our troops need the support & backing of everyone to accomplish the mission.  But this back-stabbing method of forcing withdrawal through a cowardly political sham thinly veiled as a public service is a disgrace.

If the Democrats are really serious about forcing the President to withdraw the troops, then put a Bill forward cutting the funding for the War through the process and vote on it.  They don’t want to do this because they do not want to take responsibility of the aftermath of the withdrawal – complete civil breakdown in Iraq.  Yes, they’ll take the credit for bringing the troops home, but not the mass casualties that a civil war in Iraq would bring.  But that’s not their way to directly approach their goal.

It’s all a political game, a strategy designed to to embarrass the President, and to keep & solidify their power.  It’s not about the troops, it’s a political opportunity to advance their agenda.  But the price is going to be the blood of our troops and potentially the long-range security of our country.  After all, what enemy is going to respect a country that cannot finish what it started, and commits political & ideological suicide? 

And quite frankly, it is these political-power maneuverings that disgust me.  It is no wonder that I have low opinions of our elected politicians and concerns for the long-term well being of our country.

One thought on “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

  1. They’ll kill a soldier and a dozen innocent Iraqis for a few votes. That’s what leftists do.
    Shoprat | Homepage | 03.11.07 – 8:54 pm | #


    Nancy “Newsflash-I’m-a-woman” Pelosi and gang couldn’t care any less about our troops, our country, or the people. They are all about domination and winning the political game, and everyone is simply a pawn to play.
    Jay | Homepage | 03.12.07 – 11:47 am | #

    A very good post. I do love that movie, too, it is one of my favorites. I can’t pass it up if I am scanning channels and it is on.
    Teresa | Homepage | 03.12.07 – 2:10 pm | #

    My Daughter (a Navy corpsman) tells me she may deploy to the middle east with the Army. She has friends from school that are going in with the Marines. Her Husband has been sent to Iraq and returned before he got there. He may go again with the seals. Some of the boys from highschool that used to come courtin have returned and are back in again with the Marines. Other Daughters friends in with the Army. Nephew in with the Army! Point is I vote. Screw with my kids and I get a lil miffed. When miffed I might knock you down and piss in your pocket so to speak if you messed with my kids.
    Tom C | Homepage | 03.12.07 – 7:45 pm | #

    Playing political games with the military in times of wars is odious, and has been going on since there were politics.

    I do agree that what House and Senate Dems is not in the national interest, nor in the interest of those overseas. To be fair, this seems to be similar to ploys done in 93 by the GOP. It was not as severe, but it is in a similar vein.
    jeff | Homepage | 03.13.07 – 1:14 pm | #

    I seem to have struck a common chord with everyone – the politicians are not looking out for the troops, but for themselves.

    Thank you everyone for your comments!
    Tom | Homepage | 03.13.07 – 7:27 pm | #

    I’m sick of listening to the Congressmen bloviate over-the-top hyperbole about what a disaster Iraq is.

    And there is no doubt that the press coverage and public posturing shapes the strategies and hopes of America’s enemies. They are watching the war closely, as it is being played out back in Washington and in western media.
    wordsmith | Homepage | 03.17.07 – 12:08 am | #

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