Alternative Candidates?

Readers of this blog know how highly I regard our elected officials. For those of you who need a refresher, click here.

At this point in time, no one on the political scene really thrills me. So maybe we should have someone else in the highest elected office. So let’s try…


Any other ideas?


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One Response to Alternative Candidates?

  1. Tom says:

    How about these guys?
    Armed & Christian | Homepage | 03.09.07 – 9:56 am | #

    What is your opinion of Fred Thompson?
    Conservative Dad | Homepage | 03.09.07 – 1:41 pm | #

    I’ve always liked Ron Paul.
    Jay | Homepage | 03.09.07 – 2:02 pm | #

    A&C – Will be interesting who they field for the Presidential Election in 2008. What would be better is if they were able to get national exposure equal to the Democrats & Republicans

    Conservative Dad – If Fred ran for President, I would vote for him. He has always come across to me as a straight shooter.

    Jay – Ron Paul looks to be an interesting person. Does he have Presidential aspirations?
    Tom | Homepage | 03.09.07 – 5:42 pm | #

    I’ve never listened to Wilkow (actually never heard of him either hehe, but just looked him online, apparently another talk show host), but I like Hannity – he’d be a great candidate, he’s a true Reagan conservative, something we have yet to see in the current runners.

    I’d vote for Rush too, but I know he’d never run for the job, as he’s stated many times he’s in media not politics – but that’s good too, because he’s a guiding light of wisdom that I wouldn’t want to loose, because he was too busy leading the free world.

    how about Newt?
    michael hodges | Homepage | 03.09.07 – 5:55 pm | #


    Ron Paul ran for president in ’88 as a Libertarian. In January ’07 he formed an “exploratory committee” to determine if he should run for the ’08 Presidential race.
    Jay | Homepage | 03.10.07 – 12:06 am | #

    Based on what I’ve seen of Hannity he doesn’t have the intellect to be the boss. He is more of a point and shoot weapon.
    Tom C | Homepage | 03.10.07 – 9:00 am | #

    Michael – Wilcow is on Sirius, and I will listen to him on occasion (usually on the road with a Sirius radio in the car). He makes extremely logical arguments on a variety of subjects. I would much rather listen to him than either Hannity or Rush. Newt wouldn’t be a bad choice.

    Jay – Thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye out for news on Ron.

    Tom C – You will have to give Hannity points for passion of his convictions and sincerity of his beliefs. Politicians typically don’t have that passion unless the cameras are turned on.

    I’m tired of the professional politicians running things – would rather have a person that didn’t have politics as his background in the office for once. Someone that has some passion for what is right and some common sense to back it up.
    Tom | Homepage | 03.10.07 – 7:16 pm | #

    I think Sen. Thompson is going to run.

    Hannity…. I like him, but he’s a bit on the edge.

    My choice for a totally no chance winner, but who I’d like to see:

    A real clone of Teddy Roosevelt!
    jeff | Homepage | 03.11.07 – 3:19 am | #

    Hannity has been pushing Rudy G.
    I lost a lot of respect for him right there.
    jimmyb | Homepage | 03.14.07 – 6:49 pm | #

    Jeff – It would be nice if Fred ran. Would definitely provide a real conservative choice to Rudy.

    Jimmyb – Now that Fred is expressing a little interest, Hannity might change his tune. But at the time Hannity was promoting Rudy, he seemed to be the only real choice (although not a good one) from a bunch of ho-hum hopefuls.
    Tom | Homepage | 03.15.07 – 7:19 pm | #

    Ron Paul has officially announced his candidacy and I will be supporting him.
    The Sovereign Editor | Homepage | 03.19.07 – 4:38 pm | #

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