A Minor Announcement…

We interrupt this blog to make a late-breaking (like next day) announcement:




We now return you to your irregularly scheduled blog…


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  1. Tom says:

    Boo Hiss Ho Hum. Even the comercials were sub par this year, cept the one with the mouse.
    tom c | 02.06.07 – 11:23 am | #

    This will be remembered as the “Error Bowl”. And it was fun to watch, something few other Supre Bowls have been.

    And why is it that every halftime show has to leave the stadium filled with smoke? It’s annoying! Bring on a few marching bands and leave it at that. Yeesh!

    Manning reminds me a lot of Johnny Unitas. I’m happy for him! And I’m happy for Tony Dungy!
    benning | Homepage | 02.06.07 – 3:58 pm | #

    Tom C – I agree with the commercial part of it. The Blockbuster commercial was the only one that showed some humorous creativity.

    Benning – Error Bowl, sure! There were some interesting plays as well. As far as the halftime show is concerned, I rarely watch them, and this year was no exception.
    Tom | Homepage | 02.06.07 – 6:31 pm | #

    Yeah. It is fun to live in Indy right now.
    Teresa | Homepage | 02.08.07 – 4:14 am | #

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