Must Be Global Warming….

I lost a post that I was working on. Poof!! Evaporated like a puddle in the middle of the desert. And it was a good one too…

The wife (Mrs. Common Sense) wrecked her car. Actually, someone did it for her – the moron was driving too fast and instead of slowing down to avoid an accident, took the front end off her car. She is OK, mad, depressed, POed, frustrated…you get the picture. Also her cell phone was a casualty of the accident, so it had to be replaced.

Since Global Warming is being blamed for so much, I think I can safely blame it for losing the post, my wife’s accident, and not being able to post for a while between the two events…

Blasted eco-nuts…


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One Response to Must Be Global Warming….

  1. Tom says:

    Was the at-fault driver insured?
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 02.05.07 – 11:15 am | #

    Michigan requires that all drivers to be insured. Insurance took care of everything, but it’s still a pain to deal with as well as losing the use of the car.
    Tom | Homepage | 02.05.07 – 7:33 pm | #

    I just posted on this. ^,,^
    dcat still @it | Homepage | 02.17.07 – 2:29 pm | #

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