Blogger Beta Woes

Have you ever thought that you were making things better and then find out that all you did was shoot yourself in the foot? Yep, I did that here on this blog…

Blogger Beta is supposed to be better in the long run, but that’s to be seen. Yes, it lets you have “labels” for you to search & categorize your posts for easier searching (for you & me), but I’ve discovered a few “uh-oh”s along the way.

For those of you who use Haloscan & like the feature that Haloscan has of noting which comment goes with which post by title, that feature will not work when you’ve changed to Blogger Beta (BB). That’s because that BB uses a Google account password, and it just can’t navigate through to the blog’s postings. I’m sure someone will eventually figure out how to wade through it, but it’s a pain for the moment.

Another item that bugs me that’s related to the above is being able to write posts offline & post them from an editor such as w.Blogger. Again, the Google account blocks that as well. Sure, I can write stuff, log into BB, and post it using the editor, but that’s just a pain. And emailing posts is not really an option – the posts could take up to a day to show up. Frustrating, it is…

I’m sure that someone way smarter than me will be able to figure this out, but I’m really starting to look seriously about moving Tom’s Common Sense to another system. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to export the posts to another location because Blogger doesn’t have an export function, nor with the Google account stuff in place, the usual export/import functions in systems like WordPress will not work.

Of course, this was all done to increase security of the system, and improve it. And by the way, the Blogger accounts will eventually be moved to using Google accounts. In the meantime, I’m just a little upset. Oh well…


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