And Now From the Land of Tax Return Hell…

As tax season approaches, we are always surprised by the amount of stupidity that happens to go on, not only by our own government, but be the people closest to us. Well, maybe not so close to us…

For the first time in 18 years, my ex-wife decided to claim our son as a dependant, even though legally I am allowed to claim him. Of course, when you e-file the return, it gets kicked back to you with an error message stating that another return has used the Social Security number of the dependant, and there is no way on God’s green earth the return will accepted.

So I call the ex up to try & find out why this she did this. Now I admit that I’m a little cranky about the whole deal since now the entire multi-page return has to be printed up with additional letters & documents showing that I do indeed have the legal right to claim the boy as a dependant. Her response goes from outrage that I’m cranked off about this to ignorance (I don’t know what happened) to a mild apology (turns out that her tax preparer made a mistake). In the course of this conversation, she is trying to blame others (the tax preparer, in this case) for her mistake. Of course, she now realizes that she is going to have to file an amended return to keep her from getting into too much trouble with the IRS (yes, I told her what she needs to do – I’m not that big of an a**hat).

Public Service Announcement – Now folks, if you take your tax return to a preparer, you are obligated to give the tax preparer all pertinent & accurate information, and YOU are responsible once you sign the tax return. If there is a mistake, YOU are liable, not the preparer, no matter what the commercials say.

Here’s the bottom line on all of this – many people do not realize (or care) that their lack of personal responsibility affects other people. In this case it’s a tax return, which can be corrected. On the job, it could mean anything from putting out bad product (that fails or hurts someone) to hurting or killing other workers or yourself. Over the course of a number of years, I’ve seen all of this.

The problem is that we end up having people who go through life not wanting to take any personal responsibility, and in doing so, they cause great inconvenience to everybody else within their sphere of influence and beyond. Don’t believe me? As one example, think of all the product liability lawsuits that are out there. I’m not talking about legitimate lawsuits where the product is clearly faulty, but the frivolous, non-responsible use of the the product that clog the courts. You know, the ones of where someone tried to us a screwdriver as a pry bar which then broke & put their eye out. What that means for the rest of us is that if we have a problem with a product, it gets buried for years in the court system. The other thing it does is raise prices for every single item that we purchase and use.

Of course, the above is a very large view from 30,000 feet. I imagine that there are a number of instances that you, the reader, have been inconvenienced by others because they do not do what they are supposed to do, i.e., be responsible members of society. If you have been in a car accident caused by another person, you know what I’m talking about. And quite frankly, I’m tired of these people who don’t care.

I know this is a rant because I’m POed. And that’s OK, because that is one of the uses of Blogs. However, when commenting on this post, please keep your political comments for another time. Personal comments only this time. Thanks!


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2 Responses to And Now From the Land of Tax Return Hell…

  1. Tom says:

    Ahh yes, the reason you had a wreck and caused this massive traffic jam was because you didn’t come out on a light! You can’t cross 5 lanes of traffic at this time of day without a light! Really, would it have killed you to go to the other end of the parking lot? Thanks for adding an extra hour to all of our commutes.
    Tom C | Homepage | 04.09.06 – 4:36 pm | #

    Tom, personal responsibility is a very good topic whether it relates to taxes or any other matter. This is an issue I myself struggle with. Other folks often want to pass-the-buck rather than admit they f-ed up and opologize. Even if they do opologize, they continue this behavior. I am one who holds others to a higher standard than this crap. If somebody can not take responsibility for their actions or behavior they are not a part of my life… gone! I am humble enough to admit my mistakes and do not push my errors on others. No, it is not easy, but it the right way to be. If it’s too much to ask of another human being to be the same way, well.. then…goodnight and good luck.
    Pamela | Homepage | 04.09.06 – 5:57 pm | #

    When one screws up, accept it, apologize and move on! I really hate it when some have to blame others and never take responsibility for their own actions or inactions.
    jgf | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 1:45 pm | #

    Hope you feel better.

    I reprinted and linked (to you) that post about buying american cars.

    jimmyb | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 2:02 pm | #

    I hope you get everything straightened out. What a pain. Take a deep breath and then a good swig of an ice cold beer and it will all start to be better.
    Teresa | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 2:21 pm | #

    Tom C – ??? I hope you’re talking about someone else, because I look both ways before crossing 5 lanes of traffic. By the way, in almost 30 years of driving, I’ve only had 2 accidents, and God willing, no more than that.

    Pamela – I agree!! I have the reputation within my company (and others) for taking responsibility for my stuff, good or bad. Some say it’s a career killer. I think it’s a show of integrity.

    jgf – Unfortunately, the world is full of people like this. Why? I think it’s because everyone is now out for themselves since companies and their employees no longer have loyalty to each other.

    jimmyb – Thanks for the link, and yes, I feel much better now. The sinus infection is on its last legs, and ranting also helps get some of the other s**t out of the system.

    Teresa – Everything will get straightened out soon, although I think the ex is going to get audited when the paperwork hits the IRS. I think she has been claiming our son under Head of Household status even though he has not been living with her for 3 years now.
    Tom | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 2:43 pm | #

    Kind of reminds me of when the ex tried to sue for custody – she filed papers that sounded exactly like a money grab, she wanted child support, not the kids. Judges were assigned by lottery and she drew the one judge who was absolute death on money grabs. Her lawyer advised her to settle it *now* and we went to conference. She got bupkis and I kept custody (she had walked out on us). After being told “no” on every single point (including me taking any child support from her – I didn’t want her money), her lawyer says, “Well, can she take one of the kids as a tax write-off”? My lawyer looked at her lawyer and practically screamed , “NO”.
    They left right after that…..

    Hope that wasn’t too far off the topic.
    Gaius Arbo | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 5:36 pm | #

    No problems, Gaius. Ex-bashing goes only so far, but sooner or later one has to put it all aside & get on with one’s life. Occasionally, we get reminded (sometimes rudely) why we got divorced in the first place…

    My point through all of this is that there are some people in this world who try their damnest to get something for nothing without trying or taking any sort of responsibility for it. Your personal experience is on topic as far as I’m concerned.
    Tom | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 6:17 pm | #

    in 88 I had 3 different addresses and it caused the IRS headaches because they thought I was 2 different people, one of whom did not file that year. I wonder why we even bother with SSNs.
    Shoprat | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 8:48 pm |

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