Why Mexico Won’t Stop the Immigrants

While I was spending some time in the back room (see previous posts), I started to think about why Mexico’s President Fox stated that he would not even try to stop Mexican citizens from crossing the border to the United States. Here’s what I came up with:

  • For every Mexican that crosses the border is one less person that the Mexican government must take care of or be concerned with.
  • The illegal immigrants create revenue for Mexico by sending a portion of their wages back to their families, who in turn, spend it in Mexico.
  • If the immigrant is a criminal in Mexico, it’s one less person for the Mexican authorities to track down, try in their courts, and incarcerate (with the associated expenses).
  • In many ways, these border crossers are one of Mexico’s greatest exports, at least from their viewpoint.

So from an economic sense, Mexico is making out like a bandit (!) by not stopping or curtailing illegal immigration to the United States. Can you think of any others that I may have missed?


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One Response to Why Mexico Won’t Stop the Immigrants

  1. Tom says:

    Maybe, instead of so much trying to STOP illegal immigration, the Mexican government could try changing things in Mexico to make it a more pleasant place in which to live. That in itself would get rid of quite a few immigrants. Unfortunately, it might also make it a less interesting place for big corporations to invest in cheaply (The end of cheap labour and all that.) If the Mexican government put the people before big business, not everyone woud be happy. But then again, even if Canadian and American big corporations lost out, the little people here too would win, as we’d be seeing a lot less jobs lost to the south.
    Jeanne | Homepage | 04.05.06 – 12:48 pm | #

    What’s interesting is that the Mexicans are complaining about losing jobs to China! Some corporations are pulling their manufacturing operations from Mexico and shipping them to China because the labor rate there is cheaper than Mexico. Of course, it also doesn’t help that China has a Favored Trading status from the government, and Mexico doesn’t (I think…)
    Tom | Homepage | 04.05.06 – 2:42 pm | #

    That’s interesting, about Mexicans complaining over losing jobs to China! Hmmm.

    I don’t know much about Favored Trading Status and everything, but if the Mexican Government treated their people a little nicer (especially their native peoples) they might want to stay. (Thinking of Chiapas, the displacements, disappearings, threatening roadblocks etc, etc,…)
    Jeanne | Homepage | 04.05.06 – 5:41 pm | #

    Build the fence.

    If your boat is filling with water, do you try to bail before you have plugged the hole?
    Gaius Arbo | Homepage | 04.05.06 – 8:25 pm | #

    You’re right on the money, sir. well said.
    Michael Hodges | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 4:05 pm | #

    Jeanne, first comment: that would require some effort on their part. so, yeah.. heh.
    Michael Hodges | Homepage | 04.10.06 – 4:06 pm | #

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