Liberals Beware!!

Canada had their elections yesterday. After 13 years of leading Canada down the path of Liberalism, the citizens of Canada voted the Liberal Party (LP) out of power. They lost 30 some seats in their parliament, according to my Canadian co-workers.

One of the reasons my friends gave me for this change was that they could not trust the LP because they constantly broke campaign promises and were generally arrogant in their attitudes. Does this sound familiar?

Liberals in this country have often looked to the socialistic agenda that the LP foisted on their country as a guide for what they should introduce in the United States. With the voters speaking with the ballot box, the Democratic Liberals should be very, very nervous.


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2 Responses to Liberals Beware!!

  1. Pirate says:

    As long OBL is carrying his ACLU card and spewing the democrats talking points the right has no worries.

  2. Pamela Reece says:

    You betcha the LP’s are nervous, they’re as nervous as the democrats are in the U.S.

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