I’m Going to Sleep, Now…

Since no one commented on the last post, I’m going to shut down the blog for the time being. I’m tired, overwhelmed, and in & out of pain. Until I get the health issues resolved (hopefully this year), I’m taking a sabbatical…

Later…I hope…


Hello all – I would like to ask you a question, and a favor.

Who out there is following this blog? This is very important as I am considering closing out this part of my life due to health (carpal tunnel) and time concerns.

Please let me know in the comments.


Vote for Joe Biden? Are You Effing Nuts?

American Thinker has the following points for not voting for Joe Biden:

  1. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for a man who believes America was never that good.
  2. A vote for Biden is a vote for energy dependency once again.  The beneficiaries will be Iran, Russia, and Red China.
  3. A vote for Biden is a vote for the end of fracking and the loss of millions of jobs.
  4. A vote for Biden is a vote for continuous lockdowns and the economic collapse of our country.
  5. A vote for Biden is a vote for mob rule instead of law and order.
  6. A vote for Biden is a vote for defunding the police. 
  7. A vote for Biden is a vote for a return to the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal.
  8. A vote for Biden is a vote for moving our American Embassy back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.
  9. A vote for Biden is a return to funding the PLO and a return of the P.A. Authority office in New York.
  10. A vote for Biden is a return to appeasing the Mullahs in Iran and aiding Communist dictators throughout the world.
  11. A vote for Biden is a vote against the state of Israel and a vote for the return of the anti-Semitic policies that governed the Obama administration.
  12. A vote for Biden is a vote to stand with the Jew haters in Congress, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and Ayanna Pressley.
  13. A vote for Biden is a vote for Chinese hegemony and global dominance.  The Red Chinese are working against the election of President Trump.
  14. A vote for Biden is a vote for Cultural Marxism and continuous Marxist indoctrination in our schools and universities.
  15. A vote for Biden is a vote for the Red Chinese proxies, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to continue their anarchy on American streets.
  16. A vote for Biden is a vote for the continuation of racial and class warfare stoked by identity politics.
  17. A vote for Biden is a vote for stacking the Supreme Court.
  18. A vote for Biden is a vote for adding two additional states, Puerto Rico and D.C.; thus, forever ensuring a Democrat Congressional majority as in California and ending the two party system.
  19. A vote for Biden is a vote for higher taxes.
  20. A vote for Biden is a vote for the Green New Deal.
  21. A vote for Biden is the end of Capitalism and the free market.
  22. A vote for Biden is a vote for a return to the Paris Climate Accords.
  23. A vote for Biden is a vote for the end of fossil fuel and life as we know it.
  24. A vote for Biden will see an increase in fuel prices, electricity, and the cost of living.
  25. A vote for Biden is a vote for an authoritative state and the expansion of the federal government.
  26. A vote for Biden is a vote for continuous censorship by Big Tech.
  27. A vote for Biden is a vote to erase our First Amendment.
  28. A vote for Biden is a vote to erase our Second Amendment.  He and Kamala Harris have stated their support for gun confiscation.
  29. A vote for Biden is a vote for infanticide where abortions of full term babies will be permissible.
  30. A vote for Biden is a vote to erase the suburbs where the federal government will have control of local zoning.
  31. A vote for Biden is a vote for a man who along with his son Hunter are under investigation by the FBI for money laundering and selling access to his office.
  32. A vote for Biden is a vote for a known plagiarizer and liar.
  33. A vote for Biden is a vote against character.
  34. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Socialism and the Socialist policies of Bernie Sanders adopted by the Democrat Party Platform.
  35. A vote for Biden is a vote against our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights.

Earlier this morning, I saw a tweet by Dr. Jill Biden on my Twitter feed (@tomsplaceblog) in which she stated the following:

Integrity is on the ballot.

I had to reply:

Too bad Joe doesn’t have any…

I’ll let you figure out if that was a mic drop moment…

October Update

My apologies for not writing for a while. Work, life, and carpel tunnel seem to be getting in the way…

I had a birthday this past week – 60 – and it’s a bit depressing. Life isn’t what I expected it to be to this point. I never, EVER, thought that the America that I grew up in would be on the precipice of a political cliff.

While we hear that every election is important, this one seems to be like 2016 – a make or break election for the future of the country. We have one candidate that has built the country up for the past four years. We have another candidate that seems to want to destroy this country by not only returning to policies that have failed, but put new policies in place that would assure losses of freedoms for the American people.

For the first time since I have been alive, I have a political sign in my front yard. Yes, it’s a Trump sign. And quite frankly, I’m proud of taking a stand (even if it’s a little one) by making my political position known to my neighbors. It’s also nice to see a lot of other Trump signs around the neighborhood to – running about a 10 to 1 in favor of Trump in my neck of the Michigan woods.

I won’t go into the sordid details of the Bidens or the Democrats. There are others who have much more time and resources to do that, not to mention that the story seems to be updated by the hour. The only comment that I have is that the Democrats have nominated a person that is not able to fill the office from a personal perspective (conflicts of interest with a foreign power) and a health (he doesn’t look or act well, possibly with dementia – see my earlier posts on this last).

I will state that I will be voting in person, rain or shine, snow or sleet. I just do not trust the absentee ballots.

Last, Coronavirus is real, and should be taken seriously, especially by those who have conditions that the virus can turn deadly. However, I’m not going to live in fear of catching it. My eternity is secure. Is yours?

What Have We Forgotten?

Nineteen year later, it seems that the attack on America is a fading memory. Something to be relegated to history, a footnote to be mentioned in passing.

Considering the effort being made to selectively erase parts of American history, I’m not surprised. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

When elected officials state that they encourage and endorse violence in the streets for political change, they are forgetting the lessons of 1930’s Germany. The result was a world war that left millions of dead, civilian and soldier alike.

When the American people elect their representatives that express allegiance with “the Mob” and support the destruction of this country’s institutions of laws, justice, and the Constitution in favor of an ideology that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout history, we have indeed lost touch with not only history, but for what America stands for.

Acceptance of the mob’s demands isn’t civility, compromise, or change for the better. It’s abject surrender of society’s will to live. History has taught that the conquered do not survive long, and only that the useful idiots are among the last to die. The resulting chaos and anarchy will destroy any country.

I watched the towers fall, and I was sickened to my core. What is happening to the America that I love is just as bad.

Stay safe, stay well, and most of all, stay prepared.

***** Additional Content *****

Found the following in my personal Facebook feed. Thought I would share it –

“One the most jarring moments on 9/11 came maybe 2 hours after the second tower fell. As I recall, I received a couple of phone calls, one after the other. One was from a relative and the other was from a lifelong friend.

“To my shock, both of them explained to me, almost as if they had been rehearsing their speeches for years, why America as a nation deserved the attacks.

“At the time, I was a Leftie.

“But even I, as a Leftie, could not conceive of 1) the idea that we deserved the attacks, and 2) that it was anywhere near reasonable or appropriate to be saying such a thing when we could be in the middle of a new war.

“These two people added several levels to the rage I was already feeling. About 9 months later, I came to realize that the same two people were lying about Israel.

“These attacks on Israel offended me not only personally (for some reason I have always taken attacks on Israel personally), they also offended me on a spiritual level, as it has always been part of my Biblical understanding that Jews are God’s chosen people, and Israel is blessed among nations.

“So, when I realized that my friend and family members were lying about Israel, as well as lobbing a constant barrage of verbal grenades against the United States, I changed. I realized they were filled with hatred, not ideas. And I moved to the Right side of the political spectrum, where I have been ever since.

“I give you this history, as a setup to say something that is painful for me to say.

“For me, 2020 has been one long 9/11, unfolding in horrifyingly slow motion. A malevolent nightmare from which we can not seem to wake up.

“Islam may hate us, but it is the Leftists who will destroy us.

“That is clear as day now.

“So, for me, today, it is not a time of remembrance. It is not a time of quiet resolution. It is a time of disgust heaped on top of agony and outrage.

“It is like looking up in the middle of a battle, just in time to suddenly see a friend get his head blown off, and then realizing, I must do anything, and everything I can to avenge his death.”